What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is basically a mapping service developed by Google –a service that provides users with information regarding geographical locations around the world. The application offers satellite imagery, 360degrees panoramic views of the streets (Street View), street maps, route-planning for traveling by car, bicycle, foot, and public transportation, and real-time traffic conditions, also known as Google Traffic. In various cities/regions, Google Maps provide street views comprising of pictures taken from vehicles.

google maps

Google Maps are useful navigation tools and have become a significant day-to-day tool used by people for various purposes. For example, you can embed the Google Maps to your website using the Google Map Application Programming Interface and Google Maps asset to display the location of your business, which allows potential buyers to access your business fast. Of course, this means more business. Also, Google Maps can help you identify where the visitors are visiting your site from.

Google Maps consist of two components; Google Map which is the map that can be configured to display any given location on Earth in various map types. The other component is Google Map Location which allows you to pilot locations on Google Map with latitude and longitude coordinates. The map location basically shows some specific points on the map such as landmark, city, or business.

Google Maps Features

Google Maps provides a variety of features including Street View, Multiple Map Types and Map Type Control, Google Earth, Scale Control, Location Markers, Geo-coding service, and Configurable location Icons.

Google Maps Services Explained

As a part of a larger Web application, the Google Maps provides various services. These services include;

• Google Maps application programme interface (API) which enables website administrators to embed the Google Maps into sites dealing with real estate guides or even community service.

• Google Maps provide a route planner that offers route directions for bikers, drivers as well as public transportation users.

• Google Maps provides a location service for drivers and other motorists who use the GPS location of their mobile devices together with data from cellular and wireless networks.

• Google Maps also offers Street View which allows users to view and navigate through the horizontal and vertical 360 degrees panoramic views of the streets, including images. Users can view the images of a number of cities around the world.

• Google Maps offers high-resolution images of the moon, planet Mars, and all other sky features.

Google Maps App

Users now have access to Google Maps as long as they have a Smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. Just one tap and the app gives you free directions and locations for every single place. When driving around the city, Google Maps can tell you which road has a lot of traffic and will even suggest a route with a smooth traffic flow. With traffic updates, Google uses your data, that is, the route, time, distance including others to give you real-time traffic on that specific route.

Also, Google Maps can help you find details about certain places. For example, if you’re planning to purchase something in a certain store that you’ve never visited, all you have to do is input the name of the store. You’ll get the address of the store, its opening and closing hours, and even visit their website through the link provided.

Google Maps designed for mobile was introduced in 2008 and was determined as the most popular app in the world for Smartphones. The Google Maps desktop application was released in 2013 alongside the Classic pre-2013 version.

Google Maps for Exploration

Google Maps have proven to be a useful tool for exploration. The application can help you get where you want to go in any city or state all around the globe. Google Maps provides location information on every country in the world. It provides high-resolution satellite imagery of cities, clear street views, as well as user-submitted pictures. Most of the satellite imagery is regularly updated- the available imagery is not older than three years. Google Maps basically provides location information about different places and also enables you to learn about those places and the people.

We cannot deny that Google Maps have now become a significant part of our lives. No matter where you go, you’ll need the assistance of the application to reach your destination. It has definitely made traveling and exploration much easier and faster. We personally use google maps with our “where am i” location service.

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